Vote for Janene Natasha Yazzie on June 5th, 2018

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The Vision

Clean, Renewable, Affordable Energy

Growing up in the aftermath of the 1979 Churchrock Uranium spill, Janene has witnessed how prioritizing profits over environmental rights and public health endangers all New Mexico residents. Janene is the right representative to help lead New Mexico in transitioning to clean, renewable, and affordable energy that conserves and protects our state's precious water resources. She knows that transitioning New Mexico to clean energy also means advocating for the rights of workers, especially those impacted by the closure of the four corners power plant. Good business is about protecting the rights of all stakeholders, not corporate profits.

Affordable, Accessible Telecommunication Services

In the 21st century, access to affordable and reliable telecommunication services becomes more of a necessity everyday. It is much more than just access to social media, access to affordable and reliable telecommunication services means;

  • More opportunities for our youth, and entreprenuers to succeed in an increasingly technological world.; and,
  • Increased opportunity to provide lifesaving services, such as basic healthcare through telehealth; and, 
  • Creating more opportunities for our rural communities to overcome physical isolation and encourage economic and social growth for the benefit of our schools, government services, businesses, and emergency management programs. 

Janene is the right representative to ensure that the end of net neutrality rules does not unjustly and disporportionately impact poor, working class families and rural communities.

Accountability to the Public Interests

In 2017 a report by the National Regulatory Research Institute presented to the New Mexico Legislative Council Services evaluating the technical staff of the NM Public Regulation Commission (PRC) identified several issues impacting the ability of the PRC to protect the public interests. Among the findings were the need for more technical staff, qualified to provide expert advice to the PRC commissioners and the need for a consumer advocate to represent the interests of rate payers and environmentalists. Janene has a proven record of bringing stakeholders with different ideologies together to advocate for shared interests, and strongly values the insight of informed experts on complex issues. She is the best leader to ensure that the PRC operates to its full potential to protect the public interests, and will be committed to working collaboratively with other commissioners towards this end.