My Platform

An Important Role

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) regulates the state's utilities, pipeline safety, telecommunication and transportation. District 4 represents 1/5 of the state of New Mexico, comprised of Cibola, McKinley, and San Juan counties, as well as parts of Bernalillo, Rio Arriba, Socorro, Sandoval and Santa Fe counties.  This district holds the most coal, natural gas, and uranium resources in the entire state and includes many tribal nations such as the eastern Navajo Nation, Zuni, Laguna, Acoma, and Jicarilla Apache nations. 

Having an elected PRC commissioner is the most important way to ensure that public interests, and the sovereignty of tribal nations, is protected when it comes to regulating these matters. 

A Progressive Vision for New Mexico

On June 5, 2018, vote for me to ensure that our communities, and the hardworking individuals and families that comprise them, are represented by a true progressive advocate. I believe in a future where access to clean water, protection of our sacred waterways and ground water systems, and a sustainable economy that doesn't compromise the public interests, public health, the health of our environment, and labor rights are all protected as human rights. I envision a stronger, smarter, better New Mexico with a diversified energy economy, guided by long-term sustainable planning and decision making that puts people over profits and protects all the residents of New Mexico. 

How We Will Get There

  • Advocate to promote and protect clean, renewable energy production
  • Fight for water smart decisions in utility management
  • Protect labor rights in the transition to a sustainable energy economy
  • Enforce and increase pipeline safety compliance in protection of sacred water resources and public health
  • Increase and protect affordable access to telecommunication services, especially to rural and working class communities
  • Foster transparency and accountabiliy of the PRC to the public interests
  • Increase community access and engagement with the PRC